Waste Water Treatment

Due to our long-time experience in treating municipal and industrial waste water we are one of the leading companies for active waste management today.
Having started with our traditional iron chloride products Donau Klar® we are now also successful with the new challenging products of the Donau PAC®, Donau Acquabella® and Donau ®Evolution families as well as the polymers of the Donau Multifloc series.  

Sphere of competences:
  • Phosphate-elimination
  • splitting of emulsions
  • flocculation
  • sludge conditioning
  • sewage and sludge treatment
  • Technical advice
Which product families can be used for which application?

Product family phosphate precipitation combating bulking
and floating sludge
sludge conditioning H2S-elimination
Donau Klar  +++ ++  +++ +++
Donau PAC  +++  +++  ++
Donau Acquabella  +++  +++  +++ ++
Donau ®Evolution +++ +++ +++ +++
Donau Multifloc  o  ++ +++  o
Explanation +++ (very well) ++ (well) + (less) o (not applicable)
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