Additives for Biogas Production

Energie aus biologischen RohstoffenTo produce biogas, biomass of different origin is fermented under anaerobic conditions. This produces biogas and liquid and solid by-products dependent on the substrate. Biogas essentially consists of methane as an energy source and carbon dioxide in various proportions and other impurities such as hydrogen sulphide or ammonia.

These can massively disrupt the biogas process (i. e. inhibition of methanogenesis, influencing the acid-base equilibrium). In addition, they can lead to problems and massive damage to the gas engine (hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes) during the energetic utilisation of the biogas.

Bellamethane products bind hydrogen sulphide reliably and selectively and contribute to reducing the ammonia input into the biogas. Additional trace substances can ensure an optimal supply of the bacteria.

For very high biogas requirements, we can offer special activated carbons for gas purification (removal of siloxanes, further H2S removal).

    Products and Applications

  • Donau Bellamethan, Donau Evolution
  • H2S removal already in the substrate
  • Thereby removal of inhibitors
  • Reduction of the ammonia content in the gas
  • Easy handling and dosing
  • Constant quality and concentration
  • Contains trace substances
  • For particularly high gas qualities
  • Removal of siloxanes
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