Water Treatment

The conservation of the life essential water resources will be one of the most important subjects in the next years.

We - the Donau Chemie Water Technology division - make our contribution to this task as well by providing products and competent solutions for the drinking water production on the one hand and for the treatment of waste water on the other hand.
  • Drinking Water
    Drinking Water

    It is not an easy task to produce and to guarantee clear and pure drinking water. Donau Chemie AG supports you by providing highly effective products and solutions.

  • Waste Water
    Waste Water

    For the conservation and protection of our waterbodies it is essential to clean our waste waters thoroughly. Donau Chemie Water Technology provides you with high quality products, competent solutions and services for this task.

  • Odour & Corrosion Control
    Odour & Corrosion Control

    Problems with odour? Corrosion damages? The Donau Bellair package of products and services helps you to solve these problems.

  • Water Treatment for Public Swimming Pools
    Water Treatment for Public Swimming Pools

    Our products assist you to guarantee a safe and hygienic operation of public swimming pools.

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