Plant Brückl

Klagenfurter Strasse 17, A-9371 Brückl

Our plant in Brückl was founded 100 years ago and manufactures high-quality, mercury-free electrolysis products using the latest, most environmentally friendly membrane process.

The considerable degree of flexibility that characterises our production processes allows us to react rapidly to changes and demands in the market.

In constant collaboration with our customers, we aim to counter increasing demands with regard to quality and logistics in advance and strive to set new standards through individual service.

We have developed our own special recycling procedures, which enable us to recycle used mordanting agents and used acids and consequently to close the cycle of materials between customers and producers in a manner that protects resources and the environment.

The steam generated during the production of the hydrochloric acid is used for the reconcentration of the sodium hydroxide solution. This form of heat recovery during the synthesising of the hydrochloric acid reduces CO2 emissions by 4000 tonnes per year. In 1996 we received the regional government of Carinthia’s Environmental Prize for installing a trendsetting system to rehabilitate polluted areas and clean ground water.

For the development, construction and the successful start-up of a plant for the thermal utilisation of waste gases from the synthesising of the hydrochloric acid we took second place in the competition for the Carinthian Innovation and Research Prize.
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