Your product for Quaternary Treatment

The all-in-one product for CLEAN WATER.

Welcome to the future of wastewater treatment! We are setting new standards for clean water with our all-in-one product - DONAU PAC® AQUACLEAR.

The particular strength of DONAU PAC® AQUACLEAR lies in the removal of micropollutants (e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides and other chemicals) and chemical phosphate precipitation - all without additional equipment or structural measures. This pioneering technology offers maximum effectiveness with very low investment costs and clearly calculable operating costs.

The outstanding effectiveness of DONAU PAC® AQUACLEAR has been scientifically tested and confirmed by renowned, independent institutions such as the Vienna University of Technology. DONAU PAC® AQUACLEAR has been successfully in use since 2021.

Read the technical article from the ÖWAV magazine:

Simultaneous removal of organic trace substances and phosphorus from municipal wastewater using an adsorption/precipitant suspension

The smart SOLUTION.

Easily comply with the limit values for micropollutants and phosphates in the effluent. Step into the future of water treatment and make a contribution to the environment with DONAU PAC® AQUACLEAR.



  • Proven and safe processes for delivery, storage and dosing remain unchanged
  • No change to the hazardous goods class and classification
  • No additional safety concept required (ATEX, explosion protection, N2/CO2 tanks)
  • No danger and exposure to OZON and possible transformation products
  • Micropollutants are bound in the sludge


  • Efficient broadband effect
  • Simultaneous micropollutant removal and phosphate precipitation
  • Demand-based dosing ensures that the required limit values are adhered to or not exceeded


  • No structural or mechanical investments required compared to alternative 4th purification stage processes
  • Low maintenance, no expensive spare parts costs
  • No change in energy consumption
  • Demand-based and variable dosing
  • Quick implementation possible within a few weeks

And even MORE.

  • COD reduction
  • Odor inhibition
  • Optimum breakthrough protection for GAK filters
  • Peak coverage during rain events
  • Positive effects on the purification performance of the wastewater treatment plant and the sludge properties
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