The water technology division

We make water clean.

Wasser ist LebenRegardless of whether we’re talking about drinking water preparation, wastewater treatment or chemicals for swimming pools, clean water is hugely important in all of these areas. The Water Technology Division at Donau Chemie ensures that people can use live-giving water as well as possible – in a clean and environmentally friendly way. Donau Chemie’s expertise in this field is based on its own production, on many years of research and development work and on an intensive interaction between internal experts, the sales team and the customer.

Security of supply

We guarantee - also in times of economic crisis - quality, efficiency, security of supply and reliability of operation for our customers - complemented by state-of-the-art analytics, expert advice and technical support.

Focus on the solution

As supplier we see ourself as an important partner for our customers, the welfare of our customers is the main goal of our work. We constantly try to provide solutions to our partners. 
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