Measurement of impurities – extract the optimum

A regular measurement of the impurity content in the gas is important for economic product dosing and efficient operation of the facility. You can now do this yourself with a simple and cost-effective measurement system.

Hydrogen sulphide is not only a gas which is toxic to humans, it also has a toxic effect on methane bacteria and ultimately attacks the motor (corrosion). The removal of the hydrogen sulphide, ideally directly in the fermenter substrate, is absolutely essential.

Measure quickly and easily yourself
Measure the hydrogen sulphide content of the gas with the cost-effective starter package.
We offer a starter package for simple gas measurement.

The offer includes:

1x hand vacuum pump
1 pack of 10 tubes for hydrogen sulphide

We also offer tubes to measure carbon dioxide and ammonia if necessary.

For price information and to order the measurement system, contact us via email here or by telephone on +43 1 71147-335. 
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